Insured Finance Prototype Released!

Insured Finance releases prototype and requests feedback from community

An interactive prototype of the Insured Finance marketplace has just been released! We are reaching out to the Insured Finance community to test the prototype and provide us with feedback. 

The prototype can be tested through the link here. The Insured Finance design and development team has carefully designed the application to optimize user experience. Regardless of experience, any Insured Finance user should be able to easily navigate the application. Insured Finance aims to position itself as the insurance application with the most intuitive and user-friendly layout.

Insured Finance is building the next generation of digital asset insurance. A key part of building this future is receiving feedback from users. All feedback is welcome. Please inform us of any changes you wish to see in the UI/UX. Feedback can be submitted to the Insured Finance Telegram community which can be accessed through the link here.

The Insured Finance team is quickly working towards releasing an MVP. Once user feedback has been received, the design and development team will make the appropriate changes and work towards launching the app on the testnet.