Insured Finance Showcases MVP Ahead of Launch

Insured Finance will be the first intuitive two-sided marketplace where users can easily secure versatile digital asset insurance

The state of digital asset insurance is approaching a major shift. Digital asset holders have never had a solution that has allowed them to secure tailored coverage for their unique portfolio. Incumbent digital asset solutions have always been clunky and difficult to use. As a result, digital asset insurance has played a minor role in the overall cryptocurrency market.

Insured Finance is changing this. Grounded in a sublime UI/UX, Insured Finance allows digital asset holders to seamlessly secure coverage for versatile scenarios. Insurance can be easily secured for events like exchange hacks, smart contract exploits, and rug pulls. 

The launch of the two-sided Insured Finance marketplace is quickly approaching launch. The featured video showcases the key elements of the upcoming platform. Those seeking insurance can quickly secure coverage by taking an insurance proposal from the marketplace. If they do not find coverage that matches their specific needs, they can launch a request into the marketplace and customize a premium to entice others to provide coverage.

Those providing coverage earn premiums on their collateral and have the liberty to only insure events that they anticipate will not occur. The Insured Finance marketplace is a major innovation in the state of digital asset insurance and will give rise to endless possibilities for covering digital assets.

Securing coverage for your digital assets will become as common as getting insurance for your car or travel. Holding digital assets remains a high-risk activity and few adequately protect their downside risks. One of the major reasons for this is the absence of an intuitive infrastructure for securing insurance in a broad variety of digital assets. 

Insured Finance is providing such infrastructure and helping digital asset insurance hit mainstream adoption. This is the last update before the Insured Finance marketplace will be connected to the testnet. Once all issues are resolved, the marketplace will be launched and digital asset holders will be able to easily secure tailored and versatile coverage.